Ways to Give

Your support matters

At Lutheran North we rely on the generosity of alumni, parents, grandparents, friends, corporations and foundations to meet our financial goals. Because of you and with your support, we can continue to be a school of choice that nurtures students spiritually, academically and holistically. There are a variety of ways to give and areas within our school to support. Read below about some of the Crusaders your gift impacts. Thank you for considering Lutheran North in your charitable giving. For giving or record-keeping purposes, our Tax ID Number: 43-0662478. 

Shield Society

The Crusader Shield Society is comprised of individuals, organizations, and corporations that provide significant financial support for Lutheran North, strengthening the tradition of excellence in our school.

The Shield Society honors donors for annual and lifetime support Lutheran North. Annual membership is granted to donors with qualified gifts totaling $1,000 or more during the fiscal year. Lifetime membership is granted to donors making qualified gifts of $25,000 or more, including Legacy Circle Fulfilled.

Giving Methods

Gifts of Appreciated Securities
Gifts of appreciated securities held by the donor for more than one year provide two tax benefits: (1) no capital gains tax is imposed on the “long-term” appreciated gift portion, and (2) the donor is entitled to a charitable deduction equal to the fair market value of the securities on the gift date.
Gifts from IRA Roll-over
Donors over the age of 70 ½ can give up to $100,000 annually directly from their IRA to a charitable organization, such as our Lutheran High School(s), according to current IRS rules. This transfer generates neither taxable income nor a tax deduction, so you still benefit even if you do not itemize your tax deductions. This is a way for donors to manage their Minimum Required Distributions each year where those funds would create increased taxable income beyond their needs.
Gifts of Real Estate
A gift of real estate such as commercial property, a residence, a farm, timberland, or undeveloped acreage can provide significant benefits to the Lutheran High School(s) and the donor. A gift of unmortgaged real estate held for more than one year will generate an income tax deduction based on fair market property value at the gift date. The donor is not required to recognize any gain on the transfer. For gifts of real estate valued at $5,000 or more, the donor must obtain a qualified appraisal.

Life Insurance
Donors who assign ownership of a life insurance policy to the Lutheran High School(s) receive an immediate charitable deduction equal to the lesser of the donor’s basis or the policy’s net cash value. If the donor continues to pay premiums, he or she receives an additional deduction for amounts paid. When ownership of a life insurance policy is transferred gift credit will be given for either the donor’s basis or the cash value of the policy.
Gifts that Pay Income for Life
Donors may arrange for a gift that will ultimately come to the Lutheran High School(s) and retain the income from the gift for life (or the lives of donor and spouse). This is an ideal way to provide for the Lutheran School(s) future without sacrificing investment income and receive significant income, gift and estate tax benefits.
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Meet the Crusaders You Are Impacting

With your generous support, we can challenge students to achieve their God-given potential through a college preparatory curriculum.