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The Lutheran North High School Choirs exist to further the Gospel through song. While many public school choirs can create excellent musical groups that are pleasing to hear, Lutheran North has the ability to not only make beautiful music but to combine it with the very Word of God. The same Word that changes peoples lives as God works faith in their hearts. The same Word that forms the foundation of our school. The same Word that stands as a guarantee of God’s love and our salvation through Jesus Christ. That is the message that the choirs brings as they perform within the school, in the community and in our churches.

Choir is open to any freshman through senior interested in having a choral experience. Through singing in concerts and assisting in worship services, you will learn vocal and aural skills needed to become a well-rounded singer, as well as skills needed for vocal performance. During your singer’s time in choir, there will be tour opportunities as well as opportunities for greater music appreciation and development through attending concerts in and around our community. The choir is designed to teach self-discipline and commitment while working together toward a common goal of excellence and fostering an appreciation of choral music.

Crusader Choirs

Crusader Chorus

With more than 50 students, Crusader Chorus is open to students interested in a choral experience. Through fall and spring concert performances and participation in local worship services, students learn the full range of vocal and aural skills needed to become well-rounded singers.


This select audition-only extracurricular choir for sophomores, juniors and seniors performs at winter and spring concerts, special school and outside performances, and the District Festival. The choir tours annually.