Fine Arts

Fine Arts at Lutheran North

Our students are able to pursue their interests in fine arts through curriculum choices and also through co-curricular activities. In addition to choosing art, choral music and instrumental music courses, students can participate in the fall play and spring musical.

Fine Arts Curriculum
The Fine Arts curriculum empowers our students to recognize, understand and create the God-given expressive language of art and music as it exists in the world around them, understand and appreciate how this language has been expressed by others and create art and music as a means of personal expression. 

Students may choose from instrumental music, vocal music or visual arts courses as part of their college-prep education.

Fine Arts Co-Curriculars
Students can explore their fine arts interests by taking advantage of opportunities that are an extension of their coursework. From competitions to concerts, from special appearances to onstage performances, students find plenty of ways to express their creativity throughout their four years.