Achieve: Prepared Academically

Lutheran High School North students are passionate about learning and eager to be challenged. Our teachers are committed to helping each student succeed, giving individualized attention and building relationships. Our college prep curriculum is combined with a focus on critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration in a Christian environment.

The diverse student body at Lutheran North gives students the special opportunity to listen to and value differing points of view.

Our graduates are prepared. They are offered millions of dollars in scholarships and grants each year for their excellence in academics, athletics, fine arts and other special talents. They attend private and public universities across the country.  At Lutheran North, our student's in grades 6 - 12th learn how to achieve more by being prepared academically. 

Distance Learning Model

Community matters. That’s why at Lutheran North, we have been using Zoom to conduct classes remotely. This enables classmates and teachers to see each other and learn from one another. Lutheran North is accustomed to e-learning as it is how teachers conduct class on snow days. Every student is given a Chromebook at the beginning of the school year for his or her use at school and at home. During these social distancing times, students attend class on their regular block schedules. Each class is 50 minutes long, beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending at 11:50 a.m. Teachers are available in the afternoons for individual questions, small group discussions, and study groups.

Teachers take attendance at every class and tardies are counted. They assign homework, give tests and quizzes, and grade accordingly. Our teachers are understanding and provide grace when needed, however, our goal is to provide structure for our students’ online environment.

School counselors are available to address any concerns and also continue to provide college preparedness through one-on-one interviews. Daily devotions, chapel, and small groups are still an important part of our day and are another way that we come together to encourage one another and remind our students of God’s love.

We cannot wait to have our students back in the building, but in the meantime, we have remained connected as best we can. At Lutheran North, we continue to achieve, believe, and belong together.
Lutheran North students are encouraged to explore many different courses, challenge themselves and develop new skills and areas of knowledge. 

Our goal is to prepare each student for continuing study at a college or university. To achieve this goal, students are encouraged to take a solid core curriculum of English, mathematics, science, social science and foreign language courses in addition to theology, practical arts, fine arts, physical education and health.
Academic Quick Facts:
  • We will help you challenge yourself through our college preparatory coursework and our block schedule, supported by an outstanding faculty who want you to succeed.
  • We offer accelerated programs for qualified students.
  • We bring real-world experience into the classroom.
  • We offer Advanced College Credit (ACC) courses through Saint Louis University and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.
  • We provide personal college counseling as well as SCOIR, an online comprehensive college and career readiness program.
Built upon our college-prep curriculum for Lutheran North High School, our middle school curriculum provides the foundation for students to excel today and achieve tomorrow. 

Each middle school student is enrolled in core classes that meet every day.  Our block scheduling allows students the opportunity to take classes that use high school facilities, such as science labs, Family and Consumer Science kitchens, art studio, computer labs, and the like. Additionally, this allows 7th and 8th-grade students with a strong background in a particular subject area to take a high school course.
Academic Quick Facts 
  • We help your child grow in faith, develop as leaders and meet the challenge of new opportunities. 
  • We are committed to giving personalized attention and building relationships.
  • We encourage students to reach and try new things.
  • We provide a solid foundation for future success.
  • We ignite curiosity and critical thinking.

An environment for students looking to excel

Lutheran North has become known as one of the top small school athletic programs in Missouri.