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The History of the Crusader Mascot

It was in the late 1940s when Lutheran High School opened at the old Mary Institute building at Lake and Waterman in the city under the leadership of first principal, Paul Lange. In that first year, Lutheran High School was home to more than 200 students in grades 9 and 10. In renovating the building to best serve not only the students but the Lutheran community surrounding, students worked tirelessly to help modify the building, and there they often referred to themselves as “crusaders” for the first time.   
Shortly after the first school year began, two boys, a freshman and a sophomore campaigned to select maroon and gold as school colors.  The student body adopted those colors to remind all that “crusading for Christ at home, church and school should be the goal.”  Barbara Kuehnert (L‘50) designed the first Crusader logo.  
Today, Lutheran North students are affixed to the ideals of "crusaders"--to be honest, forthright, sacrificial, honoring Christ with our actions and with our hearts, minds and souls.
As the mascot stuck, it wasn’t until 1965, the original Crusaders at Lake and Waterman moved to their new location: Lutheran High School North at 5401 Lucas and Hunt Road. In 2020, Lutheran North celebrates 55 years of offering Christian, secondary education to students and families in the metro St. Louis area.