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Celebrating a Combined 89 Years of Service at Lutheran North

Closing out the 2018-2019 school year we stop to reflect on the individuals who have graciously dedicated their time and service to our students at Lutheran North. With a combined 89 years of service, the following individuals will always be part of our story and success at Lutheran North. 

Retiring this year, Jane Mark 
has served as the school nurse for the past 16 years. When she began at LHSN, there was no health manual or guidelines for procedures. Through much research and networking, Nurse Jane wrote a thorough Nursing Manual for LHSN and has consistently provided the utmost in skilled, selfless service to students and staff. 

Richard Langefeld taught and coached at LHSN for 34 years. A master teacher in every sense of the word, he brought unsurpassed passion and energy to his classroom each day. Mr. Langefeld had the ability to convey difficult concepts in a simplified way, and his courses prepared Crusaders well for the transition into college. He will be greatly missed by students and faculty.

John Kersten has taught math and computer science classes at LHSN for the past 39 years, and coached, among other sports, freshman basketball with often dreaded before-school practices for many years. Mr. Kersten exhibited concern for each and every student and was ever-present after school to provide extra help to those who wanted it. Even into his retirement, Mr. Kersten will be on campus helping with the LN Robotics team.