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Negwer Recognized with Diversity and Inclusion Award

Ferguson, MO - May 10, 2019 - North County Inc. (NCI) recognized and awarded Scott Negwer, President of Negwer Materials, Inc., with the Diversity and Inclusion award at their 42nd Annual Leadership Breakfast. With more than 600 business, civic and community leaders in attendance, NCI recognized area leaders for their contributions to the North County region. 
A Ferguson native and business owner, Scott Negwer is committed to Ferguson and the entire North County community. Scott Negwer has served as president of Ferguson-based Negwer Materials since 1995. The company has been in operation since 1924 and is the premier supplier of interior construction products in central and eastern Missouri, central and southern Illinois and northeast Arkansas. 

Scott’s involvement within several civic organizations in Ferguson and North County has been inspired by his want to help and serve others. Serving as a chairman on for the North County Inc. Racial Equity Initiative, Scott is passionate about recognizing and advocating diversity and inclusion. His support of the Ferguson Youth Initiative, PAKT Resource Center, the Ferguson Twilight Run, and All Among Us, a women’s care center working to reintegrate disadvantaged women into the community for long-term self-sufficiency, all exemplify Scott’s work to better the well-being of the people and community of North County. 

With a passion for education and enabling those who are disadvantaged to succeed, Scott has been involved in helping engage and encourage the betterment of minority students and business owners within North County. Negwer is a major supporter of Lutheran High School North’s educational activities. His company, Negwer Materials, has been an active participant with the Construction Career Development Initiative since 2017, engaging two North County Tech high school students in paid summer internships introducing them to the construction industry. With over 24 years of experience operating a business, Scott served as a mentor and investor of NewCo, a minority woman owned business in Ferguson, MO. It is his devotion to not only the community, but to the advancement of the individuals living within North County communities that drives Scott’s commitment to serve as an advocate for diversity and inclusion for all.