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IT Assistant

The Lutheran High School Association of St. Louis is seeking to hire a IT Assistant at its Lutheran North Middle and High School campus.  Lutheran North is a diverse educational community whose unity is in Jesus Christ. Our community is very strong and well supported. Our education is college preparatory, our expectations are high, and our community is a family. For more information, refer to the website:  
About this position: 
  • Full-time             Part-time:    X         (   50_ %  of full-time employment) 
  • Subject Area(s):  Media/Technology 
  • This position could stand alone or may be combined with a part-time teaching role. 
Summary of Duties and Areas of Responsibilities:  
  • Coordinate and communicate regularly with the Technology director
  • Assist Technology Director and school leadership  in determining technology needs
  • Assist outside tech support for network issues and security cameras
  • Maintain a supply of spare equipment for students and staff
  • Prepare obsolete equipment for disposal or donation
  • Maintain teacher Macbook Air laptops during the school year.
  • Update teacher laptops over the summer.
  • Provide IT support for teachers in the integration of Smart Displays in the classrooms
  • Provide IT support for teacher laptops, network printers, security cameras, and access points.
  • Set up laptops for new staff and collect laptops from departing staff.
  • Replace screens and keyboards and make additional repairs on Chromebooks 
  • Ship Chromebooks out for repair and provide loaner Chromebooks for students when their Chromebook is in for repair.
  • Help students locate Chromebooks when they have been lost or misplaced 
  • Set up new Chromebooks for teacher and student use.  
  • Assist students with printing, login, password and app issues during the school day. 
  • Track all student repairs, lost or misplaced Chromebooks in Chromebook Repair Log.  
  • Assist with Chromebook distribution and collection
  • Maintain iMac computers in the school.
  • Espouse and minister in accordance with the school’s philosophy of Christian education and the Lutheran church (LCMS)
  • Excited to work in a diverse, urban setting 
  • Possess a current teaching certificate from the State of Missouri (preferred)
  • Prefer a minimum of 5 years teaching experience
  • Ability and patience to work interactively with students
  • Organization, time management, communication, and interpersonal skills
To Apply: Email cover letter and resume to:  Regina Welsh, Office Manager at: