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Summer School 202

It is time to plan for making up missing credit this summer. The following are options for you to consider.  Please read all the information, make your decision, and return the attached form to the Counseling Center at Lutheran North.  Students and families are responsible for enrolling in the program of their choice and for payment.  Summer school courses are not easy and require commitment on the part of the student and the family to complete.  If you need assistance in completing the registration process, please plan to attend our summer school help sesion on Thursday, April 21, 2022, at 6:30 p.m.  Attend with your child and bring a laptop or Chromebook and a card with which to make payment.  Please come having looked at your options and knowing what you want to do.  We will be available to help you get your child registered.  Payment (if required) must be made at the time of registration.   

Lutheran North will accept credit from any accredited institution.  You may research your local public high school to see if it is offering summer school.  This would be free as a resident of the district if offered.  If you are an NCAA athlete, you will need to check if the courses are NCAA-approved and if they earn an actual letter grade.  Pass/fail courses do not count for the NCAA.  

We have worked with the following programs:
Grandview R2/MOSI Summer School–this program is run by the Grandview R2 School District and is free.  All work is online and self-paced with access to teachers and mentors through the program.  They have hard and fast start and stop times.  All coursework can begin May 31 and must be completed by July 22.  No extensions are possible.  Any student enrolled in these courses may NOT be enrolled in summer school courses from another provider or institution.  Most classes have approximately 90 lessons to complete per semester course.  Some of their regular courses are NCAA approved.  Credit recovery courses are not NCAA-approved.  You may request credit recovery if you have taken the course for a semester and failed it.  Go to, then to schools, then to Grandview High, then to Virtual Summer 2022.  See attached sheet with info you will need to complete the registration.

Educere–this online program is also self paced with teacher support through the program by online chat or telephone.  They offer abbreviated/credit recovery for students who have failed the course at LN.  These are not NCAA-approved.  Most of these cost $100.00.  Use this link for credit recovery:

Other courses are full/original courses and some are NCAA-approved.  Most of these cost $200.00.  Use this link:  

MOCAP–Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program–a resource/catalog of a variety of online programs available to Missouri students.  Link:

PowerHome School – PowerHome School uses a method that Lutheran North has implemented in the past.  The classes are taught via Acellus Academy.  These are not NCAA approved classes.  The classes and programs are charged on a monthly basis.  The cost is $25 per month/per student to subscribe to the service.  Link:


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