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What is Project Graduation?

What is Project Graduation? Project Graduation is an all-night drug and alcohol-free celebration for graduating seniors that includes sports, games, activities, food, entertainment, music and gifts for each student. This event is always held the same night as the commencement ceremony and is chaperoned by parent and faculty volunteers.
How does Project Graduation "work"? It takes a great deal of fundraising to keep this event going each year for our senior class. All parents are invited to get involved, not just senior parents! In fact, we'd like to give the parents of our seniors time to focus on their son or daughter's last year of high school. The success of this event is contingent upon the efforts of volunteers, parents and local community organizations. We have several community organizations who support major fundraising events and activities through the year. In the event we do not raise enough funds, there is a charge for the event.

How is Project Graduation funded? Project Graduation receives no funding from tuition payment dollars.  Projection Graduation becomes a reality each year due to the generosity of parents, local businesses, service clubs and community organizations. Project Graduation also benefits from various fundraising events held throughout the year.  Some of those events are:
    • Concession stand operations during Volleyball, Football and Basketball games and during Track Meets,
    • Senior Class attire
    • Poinsettia sales at Christmas
    • "Dining out" fundraisers at selected neighborhood restaurants
    • Other fundraisers such as TJ's Pizza, Annie's Pretzels, etc.
How Can Parent/Family Members Help? The success of Project Graduation REQUIRES your support! Here's how you can participate: 
    • Contribute your time and talents - no special skills required
    • Contribute your financial support
    • Support our fundraising efforts by attending the events
    • Invite a fellow parent or family member to join us!

The History

Project Graduation emerged in the Oxford Hills area (Paris/Norway) of Maine in 1980 as a result of community energies empowered through a State initiative. It has long been recognized as a prototype for the nation, helping to protect the lives of graduating seniors in all states. Project Graduation is a program offered by many high schools in the United States in which organized, adult-supervised activities are offered as part of the post-graduation party. Events often last through the night and are held in hotels or community centers.