COVID-19 Information

Current Updates

May 2020 UPDATE:
As we hope to return to a full in-person learning experience for the 2021-2022 school year, check back later this summer as we share more information and details. 

August 11, 2020 UPDATE:
As school begins, we've answered your questions at length in our pandemic protocol handbook.  Download a copy to review here.

July 31, 2020 UPDATE: 
After listening closely to parent questions and feedback, reviewing parent survey data, watching STL County updates and weighing out the various, ever-changing factors, ​LN will offer a 100% off-campus (“E-Learning”) option in addition to the hybrid schedule already discussed.

Parents will now be asked to select one option, and remain with that option for the first quarter, unless given proper approval to make a one-time switch. I want to emphasize what a great challenge it will be for our teachers to simultaneously educate our kids in multiple locations.

However, unless you are a new family at LN, you witnessed the outstanding education our faculty provided last spring. We are greatly blessed, and I am so happy we have the group we do. They are awesome and will knock it out of the park once again!

In order to support the best educational program possible, we have made various improvements and modifications, including, but not limited to:
  • A significant investment is being made to install air scrubbers. “​What’s an air scrubber?” An air scrubber is an air cleaning device that ​eliminates ​contaminants in indoor air​ by moving the air and using ultraviolet light. ​These devices are either portable or they attach to the larger A/C units and will greatly purify the air we breathe, eliminating viruses, allergens and other harmful pollutants.
  • Classrooms will be configured to accommodate smaller numbers of students under the six-foot, social-distancing requirements.
  • We have ordered a high-level classroom camera for each room. This will provide additional flexibility for teachers to move about more easily while they teach students both at home and in the building.
  • The Counseling Center has been rearranged to allow greater space between student work areas.
  • Efficient sanitizing machines have been procured so we can quickly and effectively disinfect the building each day.
  • Hand sanitizers are being mounted by each classroom.
  • You will see changes in the way we enter and move about the building. Only a few
    entrances (south hallway by the main entrance & room 111 ) will be in use each day.
  • Daily health screenings will be required for every person who enters the building. This may
    be completed at home, but will also be part of the entry process.
  • The number of visitors in the building will be minimized only to those whose attendance is essential.
In response to the last parent survey, we’ve identified the most common questions you asked.

Will tuition be reduced?
No. We understand the nature behind this question. However, it must be understood that m​ost costs involved in operating a school are fixed, the largest being our employees. During March, April and May, the teachers and staff at Lutheran North worked tirelessly during a very difficult time to provide a quality online education for all students. We certainly never considered reducing the teachers or staff pay during this time. As a result, there are no cost savings to pass along to families. While we are not able to be in school full-time currently, we plan to return this year and have staffed cautiously, but accordingly.

Why did you divide the students alphabetically instead of by grade levels?
Many of our classrooms are not large enough to accommodate full classes under the 6-foot social-distancing guidelines. Since many of our classes are made up of all one grade (or 11th and 12th graders for example), having all these students in the building at one time doesn’t provide adequate separation. Additionally, families with more than one child would be greatly inconvenienced if they were forced to attend school on different days.

How will virtual classes work and will my student still receive one-on-one help when needed?
Classes will be conducted in various ways depending upon the teacher and the course content. Sometimes students will be required to connect virtually from at home. In other classes, the content may allow for the lessons in school to be different from those at home. Wednesdays provide ample time for teachers to help individual students and smaller student groups. Of course, our teachers work hard to be accessible to their students, regardless of their location.

Are masks required for all students and all staff members?
Yes. Masks must be properly worn (covering the mouth and nose) by all people in the building. As long as the mask is appropriate for our environment, it may be worn. There will be opportunities for students to “take mask breaks,” but only when they are properly distanced, outside, eating lunch, etc.

How will lunch work?
Lunches may be brought to school or purchased at school. Lunches will be stored in the student locker. Microwaves, the soda fountain and refrigerator space will not be available. All prepared food items will be individually wrapped. There will not be an open salad bar, but pre-made salads will be available. Use of the pre-loaded lunch card system is strongly encouraged for convenience and in order to avoid the use of cash. Lunch seating will be provided, both in the Crusader Cafe as well as outside to allow students to properly social distance. Like always, the lunchroom will be monitored by faculty members.