21st Century Learning

The 1:1 Technology Initiative

The "One to One" Initiative is intended to provide all students with the opportunity to integrate technology into all portions of their educational experience. Students learning in a true 21st century environment are digital learners. A "One to One" Initiative provides real time experiences and connections to the Internet and others within their own classes, community, and the world.

Advantages and Outcomes

Students gain skills that prepare them for future success.
  • Find and analyze current information for instant discussion and debate.
  • Interact with each other, teachers, and the online community while learning and exhibiting Christian digital citizenship through ethical communication and citing of resources.
  • Use digital books and be able to comment and annotate within the text as part of their learning.
  • Analyze and critique online sources for accuracy and relevance.
  • Receive more feedback from each other and the teacher during the writing process.
  • Collect, analyze, and display scientific, statistical, and historical data from a variety of sources.
  • Collaborate with each other, their teachers, and online experts as they do research and create presentations.
  • Investigate real world global issues and suggest solutions.
  • Improve critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Model Christian ethical behaviors in their online encounters.
  • Be able to access additional help and enrichment activities both at school and at home.
  • Improve their collaboration skills with each other and with the broader community.
  • Improve their presentation skills using a variety of media.
Today’s students learn and engage in education differently because they grow up immersed in the digital world. We believe it is important to engage and teach them in the same manner in which they already communicate, collaborate and create every day. Higher levels of achievement result from the effective integration of technology in the learning environment.

Media Center

The media center and computer labs are available for student use before and after school as well as during class time and academic lab. They provide a quiet place for students to study, do research and receive help completing assignments using their iPads.
The Media Center provides:
  • High speed access to the Internet
  • Wireless internet access throughout the building
  • Access to books and magazines
  • Assistance with technology projects
  • Electronic research materials online
  • Computers and software for research, reports and presentation preparation. (Powerpoint, Video, and Podcasts)
  • A computerized catalog of resources
  • The Electric Library including articles from hundreds of magazines and newspapers which can be searched and printed
  • Student access to digital imaging and video editing equipment and software
  • Mounted classroom projectors and Smart Boards for student and staff presentations